How to Plant Difficult Seeds

We’ve had a really nice stretch of weather here in western PA.  We are not used to low 70’s, blue sky , and no humidity.  I am taking advantage of it while it lasts.  I have been planting and starting plants like a mad women.

Chamomile Seeds

Chamomile Seeds

I am all about being efficient and try not to be wasteful in anything I do.  One of the things that frustrated me when I first started gardening was dealing with difficult seeds.  Most vegetable seeds are large enough that you can easily count and handle them.  Many herb and flower seeds are a totally different story.  Lots are tiny, tiny, hard to see, and difficult to handle.  I always ended up planting too many and having to thin the plants after they sprouted.  I hated wasting the seed and having to kill the little, growing seedlings.

To give you an example, I love chamomile tea and grow my own chamomile to dry and make tea.  Chamomile seeds are little, so little that there are around 300,000 seeds in one ounce.  Chamomile takes a long time to germinate and grow, so I always start the plants indoor and transplant them once the weather is nice.  There is an old farmer’s saying that you should always plant three seeds,  one was for the Lord, one was for the animals, and one was for you.  I usually planted more like thirty. Trying to grab and plant just three chamomile seeds is darn near impossible.

So what are you to do? Well, in my last post I showed you my high tech planting tool.  This time I really do have a high tech tool which will save you tons of time and aggravation. It is called a seeder.  It is specifically designed to easily pick up and plant a single seed at a time, regardless of the size or shape.  The one pictured comes with three tips of different diameter and a chart detailing which tip to use for which variety of plant.

It also comes with cleaning wires to clean the tips should they become plugged up by dirt or debris.  The tips and the cleaning wires can be stored in a little compartment on the back of the seeder.

Pro Seeder

Pro Seeder

To use the seeder, you simply attach the proper tip, depress the bulb, place the tip on a seed and release the bulb.  The seed is suctioned to the end of the tip. To plant the seed, you make a hole of the appropriate depth in your growing medium, place the seed over the hole and gentility depress the bulb again.  The seed is released and will fall into the hole.

The seeder costs around $20 and can be found in big box stores, garden centers, and a various sites on the Internet.  Try one, I think that you will like it.

As always, feel free to comment and chime in. I love the interaction and feedback. If you have any questions or have suggestions for future topics, feel free to email me at

Happy Gardening!!!

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